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Guild Leader's New UI
Jun 27, 09 8:10 PM
Kologarn PWNED!
Jun 20, 09 12:24 AM
Nerf XT-009 Deconstructor!
Jun 16, 09 12:02 AM
Shutout the Flame Leviathan!
Jun 15, 09 11:59 PM
Kel'thuzad's Defeat & The Fall of Naxxramas!
Jun 15, 09 12:15 AM
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Welcome to D A R K N E S S!
This is the official website for D A R K N E S S as of Sunday, December 21, 2008.

You must be on the server Anetheron and of the guild D A R K N E S S to view this site in its fullest. I hope that whoever reads this, if you are not a part of the guild yet, that you will join Anetheron and be a part of this great guild!

This is a helping, friendly, leveling guild as of now. We will be changing to a mostly PVE with a side of PVP guild whence we get a number of lvl80 members. Feel free to visit the forums, there are a number of things non-members can view.

For those who are members, welcome to the site! Hope to see you in-game!

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Guild Leader's New UI

Alexroc, Jun 27, 09 8:10 PM.

Kologarn PWNED!

Alexroc, Jun 20, 09 12:24 AM.

Congratulations <D A R K N E S S> on the most ultimate Kologarn ownage!!

(Guild Vid and Pic soon to come)


Nerf XT-009 Deconstructor!

Alexroc, Jun 16, 09 12:02 AM.

Freakin awesome job <D A R K N E S S> on XT-009 Deconstructor!!! Also on getting both Achievements Nerf Gravity Bombs AND Nerf Engineering!

(Guild Vid and Pic soon to come)

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